Flood Relief Appeal

Over the Easter weekend Timor was devastated by massive flooding. The flooding was widespread and banks of rivers and canals broke after 350mm of rain fell in two and a half days. The impact has been catastrophic. Roads and bridges have been washed away, homes and businesses have been destroyed, along with food and precious health supplies. 

At the time of the disaster Dili was already in lockdown due to COVID-19, and so there is enormous concern about further spread of COVID-19 among those evacuated from their homes. There are also great fears about other diseases such as, dengue, diarrhoea and wound infections due to dirty flood waters. 


Helping Timor Now

Funds are urgently needed to support the health response to the catastrophic flooding.

TCF would like to support the work of Maluk Timor, a Timorese Health Agency working hard to provide medical care and support to people of Timor at this time. Sadly, most of their resources and supplies have been damaged or destroyed. Financial support provided to Maluk Timor will assist them in keeping essential services operational. 


Please consider donating via our 'Donate To Flood Appeal' button above.


Medical / Dental Goods Needed

Please contact TCF if you are able to donate medical or dental goods (examples listed below).

     - Face masks   - Gloves   - Dental Bibs   - Gauze and other consumable Dental items.

     - Dental materials (including glass ionomers and composite resin filling materials and bond.)

     - Local Anaesthetics (Must be in date).

     - Medical items including First Aid Packs and Analgesics. 

For further information please contact Dr Malcolm Campbell at mjc62@live.com