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Help support TCF by buying locally grown and ethically sourced Timor Coffee here.


Please use the online order form, making sure to:

1. Select ground or beans

2. Choose the amount of coffee 200g / 500g / 1kg

3. If ordering multiple packets, add the amount in 'other amount'

4. If postage is required, please add $9.00 per order

Thank you & Enjoy!


About Wild Timor Coffee Co. 

Wild Timor Coffee Co. is a major supporter of The Timor Children's Foundation Children's Dental Project. Supplying coffee directly from the Aileu District in East Timor - the 'wild' coffee that grows in the mountain regions of Maubisse and Aileu is thriving. Local growers harvest the coffee independently, receive a fair and equitable price for their product and support their local community.

Ordering Coffee

Sourced from Wild Timor Coffee co.

Tasting notes: Caramel, chocolate and cherry sweetness; hints of soft citrus and rum. *Hint: Delicious!

To order Multiple Packets you can also download an order Form and email to: 



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