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Started in 2013, the Dental Project run by the Timor Children’s Foundation, began with the aim of supporting the Dental Health of the children living in the Samaria Children’s Home.


Since that first visit, the project has grown to also support other groups. In conjunction with the work done by Glebe Rd Uniting Church and The Gap Uniting Church, Dental aid work has been extended to the children and staff attending the Marcelo 2 School in Dili and to the people living in the remote community of Lospalos, 7 hours drive to the east of Dili.


All money donated to the project goes directly to funding dental treatment. Every $1 donated equates to roughly $10 worth of dental treatment for these children and adults in Timor Leste.

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Dental Appeal


Using light-weight, portable dental equipment we provide dental care to the children of Samaria Children’s home in Dili and we provide school based dental clinics and remote community clinics. 

We also assist in mentoring and training local dental workers and operators.

Background - Conventional dental surgeries are expensive to establish and maintain when compared to mobile dental clinics. Lightweight, modern, portable dental equipment is less expensive and can be easily transported to, and set up in, a variety of locations. This mode of treatment delivery is employed throughout Australia and around the world to provide treatment alternatives to people who are unable to access conventional dental surgeries.


In 2013 a dental team first visited Samaria Children’s home to survey the oral health status of the orphans in the home. None of the children had ever received any Dental care.

In 2015 the first dental treatment clinic was conducted at Samaria Children’s Home. In 2016 working in association with The Glebe Rd Uniting Church, as well as continuing the work at Samaria, dental assessments were made at the Marcelo 2 school in Dili. In 2017, Dental clinics were established at Samaria and The Marcelo 2 school and our first regional trip was made to the community of Lospalos.

Since then Griffith University Dental School has partnered with us sending Teams of Staff and students to East Timor. In 2019 3 separate teams conducted clinics over a one month period. 2020 treatment has been put on hold because of the COVID-19 travel restrictions.

All volunteers donate their own time and money to travel and stay in East Timor.

How can you help? 

As capacity increases so too does our need for equipment and material resources. We are seeking donations to continue our work with every dollar donated directly benefiting the children and adults we treat. Money raised is used to purchase dental equipment operating instruments and consumable materials. Donations are also used to provide mentoring and training for local dental workers.


Click here to donate to the Dental Project.

In 2019, for a third year in a row, one of our Dental Teams travelled to the remote community of Lospalos to provide a free community dental clinic.

Help the Dental Project by Ordering Timor Coffee

Wild Timor Coffee Co. is a major supporter of The Timor Children’s foundation Dental Project. Supplying coffee directly from the Aileu District in East Timor – the ‘wild’ coffee that grows in the mountain regions of Maubisse and Aileu is thriving. Local growers harvest the coffee independently, receive a fair and equitable price for their product and support their local community.

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