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Annual Luncheon

Each year we aim to gather, celebrate, share stories, and provide updates on the projects in Timor Leste.

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2021 Luncheon


Thank you to all who joined us for our 2021 Annual Luncheon. Because of COVID restrictions we were only able to hold an online event. The event was recorded so if you want to hear how the foundation is making a difference in Timor Leste please follow the YouTube link below. You can also hear about how our major supporter Groodles Australia and the great work they do.

Lunch Menu

Join us for lunch with a traditional meal from Timor Leste. Click on the link for a list of recipes to try. Choose a meal and eat with friends as you watch the presentations. 


Eat With Us

Going back for seconds is a sign of appreciation.


Other Upcoming Events

Come back to see our upcoming events.  

Following our Facebook and Instagram pages and signing up for our newsletter are the best ways to hear about upcoming events. 

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