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2020 Virtual Annual Luncheon is still online

Join us anytime for a meal.

Each year we host an Annual Luncheon as one of our major fundraising activities. 2020's Luncheon took on a new format due to COVID-19 restrictions. At 12 noon Saturday the 29th of August we hosted a virtual luncheon. The videos for the luncheon about the work done by TCF and interviews with some of the people from East Timor helped by TCF are still available to watch.

Follow the link below to the YouTube playlist and click on the "Play All" button to watch all the videos in order.

Follow links below to find recipes you can cook at home and share with friends and family.

Going back for seconds is a sign of appreciation.

Lunch Menu

Join us for lunch with a traditional meal from Timor Leste. Click on the link for a list of recipes to try


Eat With Us

Choose a meal and eat with friends as you watch the presentation 

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