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The Timor Children’s Foundation currently has a number of projects in East Timor that are supported by generous donations from our various supporters. See below for our current projects. Some projects are tax deductible and others are non-deductible. 

A specific focus for The Timor Children's Foundation has been providing assistance to orphans and young adults. There are over 40 children’s homes in East Timor. Children are often placed in these facilities because their families are too poor to look after them. Many families are also too poor to pay for their children's education.

Timor Children’s Foundation complies with the World Relief Australia Code of Conduct which is a voluntary code that sets minimum acceptable standards for smaller Non-Government Organisations that work in the international relief and development sector.

Overseas Aid Fund

Improving the level of education is crucial in creating a brighter future for East Timorese.


Currently more than 50% of the people of East Timor cannot read or write. Improving the education and skills of their community, will have a flow through effect on their living conditions.

Samaria Children’s Home is a small private home, which cares for up to 30 children, of varying ages and backgrounds. The Foundation supports Samaria by providing the funds needed to feed, clothe, educate and care for the children.

It costs over $2/day to give each child a home to live in alongside their "brothers and sisters". This is a non tax-deductible project.

Healthy teeth for a healthy life.

Children’s early years are an important time for establishing healthy habits. It is crucial that children develop habits that will ensure a lifetime of good oral health. 

The TCF Dental project has the aim of supporting the oral health of the children in our care and extending this care to other vulnerable populations in Timor Leste. As part of this aim we support and mentor local health care professionals.

Open up a world of HOPE . . .

The Timor Children’s Foundation seeks to help empower the future leaders of Timor Leste by providing opportunities for the children and youth of Timor Leste through education, improving health and nutrition, showing trust and faith through scholarships, providing infrastructure, opportunities and, most of all, hope. TCF has in the past and continues to support projects that help us meet this aim.

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